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  • carbon fibre tube
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Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon fiber tube made by Tengfei Polymer, is widely used for building light weight frames and structures in airspace and undersea. Customization is available.

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Extraordinarily high strength & light weight
Low density & high temperature resistance


    • 01 Widely used in aviation, aerospace, building, machinery and equipment, military industry, sports and leisure and other structural materials.
    • 02 Suitable for the transmission shaft of PCB printing equipment.
    • 03 Applied to the blade of helicopter because of its strong fatigue resistance, and audio equipment because of vibration attenuation.
    • 04 Suitable for medical equipment as for its goodness in X-ray transparency.
    • 05 Besides the applications above, carbon fiber tube is also used in water sports equipment, etc.


  • Raw material: T700, T300, m40, T800, T1000 carbon fibre
  • Dimension: Carbon fibre pipe’s size and thickness can be customized on your requirements.
  • Density: 1.6 g/cm³
  • Color: Black or as required
  • Thickness range from 0.2mm to 20mm, customized thicknesses and sizes are available.
  • Resists harmful UV ray which may cause damage to other equipment.
  • Excellent in rigidity, service life is longer than 50 years.
  • Good machinability, the pipe can be punched, drilled, sawed, or sheared easily.
  • Top quality & competitive price. Feel free to contact now.


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