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Carbon Fiber Sheet

Tengfei Polymer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbon fiber sheets in China, and it offers satisfying solutions to a wide range of demanding applications. Moreover, prices of carbon fiber plates are kept low as we buy high-quality carbon fiber from the direct manufacturer. We also take strict control and try every effort to ensure the quality and availability of our carbon fiber products. Please feel free to contact us.

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Stable performance in high temperature (as high as 400 ℃)
X-ray penetrable & meet various standards of non-combustibility


    • 01 Our carbon fiber sheets are made from 100% qualified carbon fiber, 3K plain weaved. Some factories manufacture carbon fibers by compressing 2 outer skins of carbon fibre over a carbon, our carbon fiber sheets are made of layered sheets of carbon fiber resin, guaranteeing the same strength all the way through.
    • 02 Health care industry as the thinnest carbon finer sheet meets high light transmittance of medical X-ray
    • 03 Structural component in aircraft industry & high-speed rail because our carbon fibre plates are up to many various standards of non-combustibility.
    • 04 Drone frames, car chassis, firewalls, bulkheads
    • 05 Any place that needs materials with high strength and light weight


  • Size: as per drawing or your requirements.
  • Light weight, which is only 20% of steel.
  • Carbon fiber sheet can be as thin as 0.2mm.
  • Processing method: CFRP, blow molding hot pot, rolling, CNC milling machine, carbon fiber connection assembly.
  • Surface: twill matte, twill light, tabby matte, tabby light, black color, can be sprayed transparent paint, logo or other designs can be printed.


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