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  • TFP Nylon Grounding Idler
  • TFP Nylon Grounding Idler
  • TFP Nylon Grounding Idler
  • TFP Nylon Grounding Idler

Inclined Shaft Steel Rope Supporting Roller

TFP Material Corp. Produced Nylon grounding idler for coal mining with the function of frication reduction and steel rope protection, same as ground roll or roll wheel, which can bear the pressure and friction force from Steel wire rope.

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TFP manufactured Steel rope supporting roller for inclined shaft is mainly used in coal mining and it has the functions of reducing friction, protecting steel rope and bearing pressure.

Main material is nylon or PU.


    Application of mine ground roller:
    • 01 The main function is to carry and reduce friction.
    • 02 It is usually used to support and protect the steel wire rope, to ensure that it won’t be worn during operation.


Nylon Roller advantages:
  • Clean and Homogeneous, Heavy Loading
  • Low Noise & Friction
  • Perfect Dynamic Balancing/ High wear resistance
  • Power Saving 
  • Longer life & Cost saving esp. for Hot material transportation
Quality standard for inclined shaft steel rope supporting roller:
  • 1)Bearing material:

    a. Nylon material Inclined shaft steel rope supporting roller has a strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used in the mine environment for a long time.

    Nylon mine ground roll could also be produced.

    b. Polyurethane material Inclined shaft steel rope supporting roller could also be produced for also anti-impact & anti aging required.
  • 2) Axial flexibility and tightness:

    The nylon roller has the advantages of high flexibility, under the loading of steel wire rope; it could also reduce the friction and protect the rope.

    The good sealing of inclined shaft roller shaft ensures that the ground roll working smoothly and safely in the water, oil environment.


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