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  • TFP Nylon Carrying Idler
  • TFP Nylon Carrying Idler
  • TFP Nylon Carrying Idler
  • TFP Nylon Carrying Idler
  • TFP Nylon Carrying Idler

Nylon Roller

This TFP Material Corp. Manufactured nylon carrying idler with heat resistant and heavy loading properties could be in various of thicknesses and Lengths as per drawing or requirement. Suggested Material will be nylon tube and steel axle with LYC Bearing.

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TFP Material Corp produces kinds of nylon roller for different usage.
Nylon roller for conveyor system carrying roller is one of the roller series products.

Nylon carrying idler could be made of impact resistance/ fire resistance/ heavy loading nylon tube, and steel shaft with 5 layer composite material seals for different conveying environment.

nylon roller
nylon conveyor roller


    Application of nylon idler:
    • 01 Where belt conveyor may seriously polluted or in corrosive conditions caring idler breaks frequently;
    • 02 Key conveying system with long conveying distance, huge amount required;
    • 03 Efficiency and economic benefit of conveyor system strictly required.
    • 04 High temperature working environment.


Nylon Roller Advantages:
  • Clean and Homogeneous, Heavy Loading
  • Low Noise & Friction
  • Perfect Dynamic Balancing / High wear resistance
  • Power Saving 
  • Longer life & Cost saving esp. for Hot material transportation

Kinds of UPE rollers are one series of TFP Custom fabrication rollers.

TFP Conveyor roller idler Main Size and properties:
Daimeter 76/ 89/102/ 108/114/ 133/147/152/159/178 and custom size.
Length 800-2200mm or as required .
Color Natural, White, Milky, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, etc
Material UHMW-PE Roller, HDPE Roller, Nylon Roller, Rubber Roller, Polyurethane Roller, EPDM Roller.
Properties Light, long life, high wear resistance, Anti-Acidic and Alkaline, better and more economic choice compared with rusting heavy steel roller.
Package Non-fumigation box.
TFP Rollers Types
Uhmwpe Roller nylon roller rubber roller PU roller
stainless idler pulley carbon fiber idler roller ground roller system conveyor belt roller
front idlers  carrier trough idler Through idlers return flat idler
Training load idler Training return idlers Transition idlers  Working roll
Wear resistant roller Impact roller idler High temperature roller Backing roll
Weighting idlers Drive pulley Discharge pulley Flat belt idler
All conveyor rollers can be manufactured at competitive price.
All sizes conveyor rollers are available to meet your own conveyor belt and carrying requirement.



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