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UHMWPE Roller for Belt Conveyor

  Time: 2018-05-04   Pageviews:8

UHMWPE conveyor roller for belt conveyor is made of 5 parts: roller skin, bearing, shaft, bearing seat and sealing parts. TFP UHMWPE conveyor roller’s bearing seat and sealing parts fit closely, which protects bearing from contact with outside to avoid being contaminated. And the test shows that water cannot be poured into bearing, which completely guarantees that the bearing works in good condition with long service life.


UHMWPE conveyor roller’s skin is made from UHMWPE pipe with more than 3 million molecular weight. As a result, the UHMWPE roller has advantages of strong wear resistance, long service life, no iron powder adsorption and low friction coefficient with the belt, etc. These advantages of UHMWPE conveyor roller largely extend the service life of belt.

TFP conveyor rollers all use LYC bearing (Luoyang Bearing), which is famous in China. And the bearing is fully sealed, lithium-base lubricated, maintenance-free, and it also has long service life.

TFP conveyor roller’s bearing seat and sealing parts are made of reinforced nylon injection moulding.

And the conveyor roller’s shaft is made of 45 cold drawn round steel.

Advantages of TFP UHMWPE Conveyor Roller

Long service life:In the same working conditions, UHMWPE conveyor roller’s service life is 5 times longer than that of steel conveyor rollers.

Competitive Price:The price of UHMWPE conveyor roller is a little higher than that of steel conveyor roller. However, within UHMWPE conveyor roller’s normal service life, it can save over 50% usage cost, which does not include other advantages like increasing the service life of the belt, saving energy and reducing labor intensity.

Protecting Belt & Prolong Its Service Life

Special labyrinth seal design effectively protects the bearing from dry grinding caused by the belt and roller skin, and ensures its continuous operation in long term. Moreover, all of these greatly improves belt’s service life.

Conveyor roller’s skin is made of ultra-high molecular material and it has very low friction coefficient and strong self-lubricity, which is good to protect belt and prolongs its service life.

The surface of conveyor roller is smooth, non-magnetic, and it is not easy to adsorb iron powder, dust and all kinds of sticky substances, which greatly avoids the defects of steel roller and ceramic roller.

UHMWPE conveyor roller does no damage to belt, even if its skin is worn out after long-term usage. This avoids defects of steel roller, especially ceramic roller (which is fragile) and their damage to belt.

Energy-saving & Convenient Replacement: light weight. UHMWPE conveyor roller’s weight is only 1/2 of steel roller and 1/3 of ceramic roller, which greatly saves power consumption.

Safe Usage & Environmental Friendly

Noise made by UHMWPE conveyor roller is only half of that of steel roller, which effectively eliminates noise pollution and improves the working environment.

UHMWPE conveyor roller has strong resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals.

Stable working performance during temperature from -269 ℃ to 80 ℃, even for a long time.

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