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What can UHMWPE plates be used as?

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Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics with linear structure and excellent comprehensive properties. It is a composite polymer and difficult to machining. UHMWPE has superior wear resistance, self lubrication, high strength, stable chemical properties, strong anti-aging properties. Therefore, you have to pay attention to its properties above when telling whether the material is real UHMWPE.

UHMWPE is widely used in coal, electricity, cement, metallurgy industries such as coal bunker, clay powder warehouse and other warehouses, etc. In 2001, UHMWPE is named as the national science and technology achievements key promotion plan by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China. The Ministry of Science & Technology of State Planning Commission lists UHMWPE as priority projects in the high-tech industry.

As UHMWPE has 7 million ultra high molecular weight, it has highly impact strength, strong wear resistance and sliding properties. The size stability is maintained at high temperature. And the ultra-low temperature that UHMWPE product can bear is -265℃.

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UHMWPE Plates' Application

UHMWPE plate, also called UHMWPE sheet, has increasingly wide application nowadays. The following are some of the most common fields that UNMWPE plates are used in:

  • Fender Panel and Wheel Guard Sill: UHMWPE sheet has light weight and resistance to impact, wear, corrosion, UV and aging. What’s more, UHMWPE plate also has small friction coefficient, energy absorption and it can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and hull impact from the hull and wharf.
  • Chute Liner Applied to Bunker or Silo: As we all know, it’s common to see storage bins made of concrete are used to store coal in coal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry and power plant, etc. As these bin walls’ surface is not smooth and has high coefficient of friction and water absorption, which often leads to bonding and bin blockage. UHMWPE plate is a good choice to make chute liner because of its self-lubrication and inadhesion. The problem of coal bin’s blocking can be solved effectively by using the UHMWPE chute liner. And the effective utilization rate of the coal bunker is increased from 20%--50% to 100%, which avoids the production interruption and the accident of warehouse accident caused by the blocking of the bunker. Moreover, UHMWPE chute liner reduces the crushing rate of bunker material, saves clearance cost, reduces labor intensity and has remarkable social and economic benefits.
  • Agricultural Machinery and Construction Equipment: UHMWPE plates are widely used in agricultural machinery, bulldozers’ push the soil board and car tipping lining, etc, which can save energy and improve operating efficiency thanks to the self-lubrication and non-stick.
  • Sports and recreational equipment: Ski lining
  • Cutting board: cutting table and working table, etc, in food processing plants.

Besides, UHMWPE plate is also widely used in suction tank panel, machine repair plate, sieve plate, scraper, anti abrasive strip, guide slot, guide rail, slider and deflector, etc.

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