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Self-lubricating UHMWPE Pipe

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Self-lubricating polymers and polymer composite have increasingly wide application nowadays. UHMWPE (Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) is a new kind of engineering thermoplastics, and its average molecular weight is more than 3 million. UHMWPE pipe is one of the most popular composite materials. UHMWPE pipe has obvious advantages over HDPE pipe, such as: strong wear resistance and impact resistance, outstanding resistance to internal pressure strength and environmental stress cracking, etc. What's more, UHMWPE material is intrinsically self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, strongly resistant to chemical, moisture and low temperature.

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Advantages of UHMWPE Pipe

Strong resistance to abrasion: UHMWPE tubes have outstanding resistance to abrasion, which ensures its long service life in abrasive slurry applications.

Strong resistance to chemical: UHMWPE tube is resistant to a wide range of chemical reagents, which helps UHMWPE pipe has popular application in mining operations, such as: tailing pipelines and chemical treatment.

Flexibility: UHMWPE pipe can be bent to at least 30 times the tube’s outside diameter for HDPE, which allows UHMWPE tube reduce surge pressure, vibration and stress caused by soil conditions. This flexibility advantage make UHMWPE pipe extremely useful in submarine pipe lines, mine subsidence and earthquake prone areas.

High flow capacity: UHMWPE pipe’s low friction ensures its high flow capacity.

Lower pumping cost because of its hydraulic capacity compared with steel and HDPE pipes.

Easy installation: UHMWPE pipe is easy to install with light weights and flanged couplings.

Why Choose UHMWPE Material?

  • Extremely high wear-resistance: the unique molecular structure of UHMW-PE products has detached anti sliding friction. UHMWPE’s wear resistance is higher than that of general metal and plastic products. It is 6.6 times of carbon steel, 5.5 times of stainless steel, 27.3 times of brass, 17.9 times of phenolic resin, nylon 5 times and 5 times of PTFE.
  • Extremely High impact resistance: among the existing engineering plastics, the impact toughness value of UHMWPE product is the highest. Many materials will crack, broke, or have surface fatigue after severe or repeated explosion impact. However, UHMWPE meets GB1843 standard, and has no damage in the cantilever beam impact test.
  • Good resistance to chemical corrosion erosion: The UHMWPE product is resistant to strong chemicals. The UHMWPE product can withstand the erosion of strong chemicals. And apart from this, it also has slight resistance to strong acid at high temperature.
  • Very low friction coefficient: As UHMWPE contains waxy trait, the coefficient of friction (196N, 2 hours) is only 0.219MN/m (GB3960) self lubrication is very good. Its performance is better than that of oil lubricated sliding steel and brass. Especially in the harsh environment, where dust, mud and sand are much, UHMWPE’s self dry lubrication performance displays more fully, not only can they move freely, and the protection of related work can not be worn and pulled.
  • Surface non adhesion: because of its small friction coefficient and non-polar, UHMWPE has good surface non-adhesion. The existing materials are usually in the pH value of more than 9 of the medium scale. The UHMWPE is not scaling, which is of great significance for the fire power station for pulverized coal ash system.
  • Other features: energy and noise absorption, anti-static, shielding ability of neutrons, non absorbent (6%), light weight, good weather resistance, easy machining, coloring and other outstanding features.

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