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Comparison Between Plastic Conveyor Roller & Metal Roller & Ceramic Roller

  Time: 2018-05-14   Pageviews:14

Conveyor roller can be divided into metal roller, ceramic roller and plastic roller based on the raw materials. UHMWPE convey roller is one of the most widely used plastic conveyor rollers.

3 kinds of conveyor roller

Resistance to Impact

UHMWPE conveyor roller has extremely strong resistance to impact, and it can withstand repeated shocks and vibrations. UHMWPE conveyor roller does not break easily in long-term running.

Even metal conveyor roller also has good impact resistance, it can not bear repeated vibration, or it will corrode and break easily.

Ceramic conveyor roller has poor impact resistance and it is easy to break.

Friction Coefficient of Conveyor Roller’s Skin

The friction coefficient of plastic conveyor roller’s skin is small (only from 0.1 to 0.15). Plastic roller has high self-lubricity and it does no damage to belt, which prolongs the service life of belt by1 - 2 times. Moreover, thanks to its strong wear resistance, high self-lubricity, and small friction coefficient, plastic conveyor roller has super anti-adhesion ability, and its surface does not adhere or accumulate materials, which improves the machine’s running stability and reduces material’s sliding and noise. As a result, the conveyor belt is able to realize the operation of long distance, large volume and high speed. Besides, it can eliminate all kinds of accidents and improves safety.

Metal conveyor roller has high friction coefficient (from 0.68 to 0.8) and it is easy to rust and adhere to materials. Therefore, metal conveyor roller has high noise, low smooth operation and short service life.

Ceramic conveyor roller is not easy to adhere to materials. However, it has high friction coefficient and poor impact resistance. Therefore, ceramic roller is easy to wear and has high noise, low smooth operation and short service life.

Applications & Service Life

In addition, plastic conveyor rollers have wider applications than metal conveyor rollers and corrosion resistance to all kinds of chemical materials, strong magnetic resistance, wide range of working temperature (from -100℃ to 80℃). UHMWPE conveyor roller can be used in food and grain industries. What’s more, it is also widely used in other non-toxic industries with special requirements on noise, corrosion and hygiene.

Plastic conveyor roller’s service life is longer than that of metal roller and ceramic roller (usually from 2 to 3 years). Plastic conveyor roller need less maintenance and change, which reduces both maintenance cost of equipment and labor intensity. In a word, plastic conveyor roller has higher efficiency and it is more suitable for the use of belt conveyor.

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