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What are PA66 Material Properties? Know More Here

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PA66 Material Properties

Poly ( hexamethylene adipamide ) is also known as the polyamide 66, PA66, nylon 66, which is made by polycondensation of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine. Nylon 66 is a translucent or opaque milky crystalline polymer, and it emits purple or blue-white light when exposed to ultraviolet light. Nylon 66 has high mechanical strength and good resistance to stress cracking. It has the best wear resistance among all the nylons, and its self-lubrication is only secondary to polytetrafluoroethylene and polyoxymethylene. Its chemical stability is good and its oil resistance is excellent, but it is easy to dissolve in polar solvents such as phenol formic acid. The addition of carbon black can improve the weather resistance of PA66, therefore, its dimensional stability is poor and the processing ability is good. PA66 can be used in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, spraying, casting molding, machining, welding and bonding.

Nylon PA66

Typical Application Range of PA66: Compared with PA6, PA66 is more widely used in the automotive industry, instrument shell and other products that needs impact resistance and high strength requirements.

Process Conditions of Injection Mould

Drying: Drying is not necessary if the material is sealed before processing, drying is not necessary. If the storage container has been opened, it is recommended to dry in 85℃ hot air. A vacuum drying of 105℃ for 12 hours is required if the moisture is larger than 0.2.

Melting Temperature: The melting temperature is from 260℃ to 290℃. And for the product with glass additive, the melting temperature is 275℃ to 280℃. The melting temperature should be under 300℃.

Mold Temperature: Mold temperature is suggested to be 80℃. Mold temperature affects the crystallinity and the crystallinity affects product’s physical properties. For thin-walled plastic parts, if the mold temperature is under 40℃, the crystallinity of the plastic parts will change with time. Annealing treatment is needed to maintain the geometric stability of the plastic parts.

Injection Pressure: The injection pressure is usually between 750bar to 1250bar, depending on the design and material of the product.

Injection Speed: For reinforced material, the speed should be lower.

Runner & Gate: PA66’s runner gate is the same with that of PA6. ( Here is more specific information of PA6, you can have a clear clue of the difference between PA66 and PA6. ) Because of the very short solidification time of PA6 the gate location is important. The gate’s aperture should be no less than 0.5t ( t refers to thickness of plastic parts ). If a hot runner is used, the size of the gate should be smaller than that of the conventional runner because the hot runner can help prevent the material from solidifying prematurely. If a submersible gate is used, the minimum diameter of the gate shall be 0.75 mm.

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