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Nylon-roller|Machinery Roller

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Plastic rollers are mainly designed to use in belt conveyors, and they can be made of different polymer composite materials, such as: UHMWPE, rubber, nylon and HDPE, etc. Nylon roller is one of the most common and popular rollers thanks to its good performance.

Nylon roller

Comparison Between Nylon Roller and Metal Roller

The toughness of nylon roller is more than 10 times than that of ordinary metal, and its service life is 5 times of traditional conveyor rollers. Metal rollers have heavy weight and are not easy and convenient to install or change. What’s worse, metal roller is easy to corrode under moist environment, thus making its service life short.

The weight of nylon roller is only one third of metal parts, which makes it energy-saving and ensures longer service term. Nylon roller is dust-proof and water proof, and it is the first choice in multi-lift ash environment. Thanks to its very low friction coefficient and excellent self-lubricity, the belt is well protected, and it is not easy to be stuck in bad conditions. Nylon roller is used in the temperature range from -40 ℃ to 80 ℃.

Nylon Roller’s Application

Nylon roller is widely used in mining. Apart from this, nylon rollers also have wide application in cement plants, coking plants, coal washers, salt plants, alkali plants, fertilizer plants, wharves and steel plants, and all other places of transport, etc. And the comparison test shows that: under normal working conditions, casting nylon rollers can run continuously from 2 to 30, 000 hours, which is three to five times if that of metal rollers. Casting nylon roller is the first choice as substitute for metal and nylon rollers.

Nylon Roller’s Advantages

Nylon rollers have advantages of strong resistance to corrosion and friction, low friction coefficient, flame retardant, anti-static, light weight, long service life and easy to install, etc. Nylon roller has better magnetic properties, excellent self-lubricity, and there is no need to inject oil in the process of operation under harsh environmental conditions. Nylon rollers have strong resistance to aging, weak acid, weak base and organic solvent corrosion without poison or pollution, and can bear repeated shock and vibration.

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