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Nylon Plastic Sheet Supplied by Professional Manufacture

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Nylon plastic sheet can be divided into extrusion and casting according to different production technology.

Extrusion Nylon Plastic Sheet

Extrusion Nylon Plastic Sheet

Nylon 6 (color: white): offers strength, stiffness and good mechanical properties whilst offering good chemical resistance and electrical insulation at a wide range of operating temperatures (-40C to 70C). Ideal for jigs, fixtures and wear blocks, nylon 6 is a popular choice. Choose nylon 6 for a material that is easy to machine, tap, drill and bore coupled with other advantages such as hardness, stiffness, high strength, good creep and wear resistance. If you're looking for all that and a bit more, take a look at Nylon 6.6 which delivers extra mechanical strength, stiffness, heat, creep and wear resistance.

Nylon 66 (color: creamy): Compared with nylon 6, the mechanical strength, stiffness, heat resistance, wear resistance and creep resistance of nylon 66 are better, but its impact strength and mechanical shock absorption performance are decreased. Therefore, nylon 66 is very suitable for automatic lathe machining.

Nylon 66 + GF30 (color: black): compared with pure nylon 66, this nylon is filled with 30% reinforced glass fiber, its heat resistance, strength, stiffness, creep resistance, dimensional stability, wear resistance and other aspects have been improved, and its maximum allowable temperature is higher.

Nylon 66 + MOS2 (color: dark gray): Compared with nylon 66, the rigidity, hardness and dimensional stability of nylon 66 + MOS2 is stronger, but the impact strength is weaker.

Casting Nylon Plastic Sheet

Casting nylon also known as MC nylon, has extremely wide application, and many unique advantages, such as: light weight, high strength, self-lubrication, anti-corrosion, insulation and strong resistance to weariness, etc. It is used in almost all industrial fields.

Casting Nylon Plastic	Sheet

The main types of casting nylon sheets commonly used in market are as follows:

MC Nylon Sheet (color: ivory white): The properties of unmodified casting nylon 6 are very similar to nylon 66, which has good comprehensive properties, high strength, rigidity and hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance and good machinability.

MC901 Nylon Sheet: (color: blue): this modified nylon 6 has a striking blue color, higher toughness, better flexibility and fatigue resistance than ordinary cast nylon. And it is proved to be an ideal material for gears, rack and transmission gears.

PA6 + MOS2 (color: black gray): It can improve its bearing capacity and wear resistance without affecting the impact and fatigue resistance of unmodified casting nylon. It is widely used in the production of gears, bearings, star wheels and sleeves.

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