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Nylon Block For Sale

  Time: 2018-06-04   Pageviews:33

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of nylon products, such as: nylon sheet, nylon pipe, nylon rod, nylon blocks, nylon bearing and other nylon engineering parts. Our nylon product has been exported into many countries all over the world, such as: Russia, Australia, America, South Africa and so on. All of our nylon product has won CE and ISO9001 certifications. Customers both domestic and abroad speak highly with our nylon product’s quality.

Nylon blocks

Nylon block material is pure PA and nylon blocks are processed by extrusion or molding. Nylon block is a new technology and material developed in the early 1960s. Nylon blocks,they can be machined, milled,planed and drilled. Nylon blocks have the advantages of high crystallinity, light weight, anti-fatigue, shock absorption, and good self-lubrication, etc. Because of their advantages above and stable performance, nylon blocks have been widely used to replace the nonferrous metals for building wear-resisting parts and hardware, such as: steel, copper, aluminium alloy, babbitt metal, etc. Nylon blocks are widely used in industries of oil, chemical engineering, light industry, railway fastening, mining, metallurgy, building, textile, paper-making, shipbuilding, seweage treatment, military and machinery, etc. Nylon blocks can also be machined into different shapes based on your own requirements. If you are interested in our high-quality nylon blocks or have any question about it or its machining, please feel free to contact us. You will get reply within 48 hours.

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