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A Brief Introduction of Conveyor Rollers & Nylon Roller

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There are many different kinds of conveyor rollers, and they are the most important accessories in the whole belt conveyors. Conveyor roller accounts for about 35% of the total cost of a whole machine, and produces about more than 70% resistance. Conveyor roller is especially important in the leather belt conveyor, as its primary role is to support the weight of conveyor belt and material transported. And it should be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction between conveyor belt and the roller is vital, as it determines the service life of conveyor belt, which covers over 25% of the total cost of conveyor.

metal and plastic conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers have many various types, such as: buffer rollers, groove rollers, center-adjusting rollers, parallel rollers and nylon rollers, etc. Compared with other rollers, nylon roller has lots of advantages.

Nylon roller has excellent resilience, and it is able to carry long-term load, tortuous without deform, resistant to repeated impacts. Nylon rollers also have strong wear resistance and self-lubricity, providing better functions than bronze cast iron carbon steel and phenolic laminates in oil-free or (deoiling) smooth applications, which reduces electricity consumption and saves energy.

nylon rollers

Compared with metal conveyor roller, nylon roller has lower hardness, and it does no damage to the grinding parts. Nylon roller’s low MC coefficient provides a wide range of advantages in conflict parts, and its high chemical stability and strong resistance to alkali, alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons, weak acid, smooth oil, detergents, water (sea water) enlarge its application in alkali corrosion, environmental protection, food materials, textile printing and dyeing industries, etc. Nylon roller also simplifies the maintenance of machinery, saves labor, and improves productivity and efficiency.

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