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Plastic Conveyor Roller

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TFP impact conveyor rollers have strong resistance to weariness and friction. Impact conveyor roller is a kind of rubber-coated ring roller, composed of steel shaft, bearing cases and impact discs coated by natural rubber and support rings which prevent discs from sliding. Impact conveyor roller is mainly designed for shouldering loads and reducing damage and breakdown of materials transported.

impact conveyor rollers

Application: Impact conveyor roller is often widely used in loading zones and transportation applications, such as: industries of mines, metallurgy, power, machinery, construction, coal-fired power, steel, wharf, sinter plant, and other related fields etc.

Advantages of TFP Impact Conveyor Rollers

  • Stable performance with little maintenance
  • Strong resistance to weariness and friction
  • Highly precise bearing and shaft ensure the rollers low vibration and long service life.
  • Definitely dust-proof and waterproof, and belt-friendly.
  • Good elasticity, no swelling or cracking.
  • Low noise and low power consumption.

Impact Conveyor Roller Specifications

  • Outside Diameter: 50mm to 219mm or as required
  • Length: 800mm to 2200mm or as required
  • Color: Natural, white, milky, black, red, blue, yellow or as required
  • Hardness Shore A: 65±5
  • Packaging: Wooden carton and non-fumigation box
impact conveyor rollers

TFP manufactures and supplies impact conveyor rollers with smooth or grooved surfaces, all based on your specific needs. And these impact rollers are usually covered by molded natural rubber for anti-friction.

If you are interested in this conveyor roller, feel free to contact us. Drop us a line anytime, and you will get reply within ONE business day.

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