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How to Choose Conveyor Rollers for Belt Conveyor?

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Conveyor roller is the primary part in the whole conveyor. And a belt conveyor needs many conveyor rollers, thus costing a big sum of money. Whether your choice of conveyor rollers is reasonable or not, the initial conveyor capital, and conveyor’s use, repair, and service life will all be affected. Therefore, how to choose conveyor rollers for the belt conveyor is the fist thing you need to take account before buying conveyor rollers.

conveyor roller for belt conveyor

1. Selection of Conveyor Roller’s Diameter

The diameter of conveyor roller is associated with conveyor’s bandwidth, belt speed and carrying capacity. However, the conveyor’s diameter has nothing to do with length and inclination of the conveyor.

(1) Conveyor Roller’s Diameter and Bandwidth

The diameter and length of conveyor roller should accord with the rule of basic parameters and scale of GB/T9902-1991 belt conveyor roller. According to the diameter and bearing ability, conveyor roller can be divided into light, medium and heavy rollers. All of these three kinds of rollers are made of large clearance bearings, which ensures that the speed of all conveyor rollers does not exceed 600rpm.

(2)Relation Between Conveyor Roller’s Diameter & Belt Speed

If conveyor roller’s speed has been set, conveyor roller’s speed should not be too high. In the case of that the length of conveyor roller’s service life is the same, if the rotating speed is high, the service life is short, otherwise, if the rotating speed is low, the service life longer. However, the diameter of conveyor roller cannot be to large, or the whole conveyor does not match, which leads to large initial investment capital. And in the design specification of conveyor, the speed of roller can not exceed 600r / min.

2.Selection of Bearing Type

The service life of bearing decides the service life of conveyor roller. Therefore, conveyor roller’s load capacity is related to bearing’s service life. When you choose a bearing, you should calculate its loading capacity according to belt’s speed, conveyor’s production and conveyor roller’s bearing load.

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