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Things You Should Know On Cast Nylon Pipe

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Nylon pipe is a kind of common polymer composites. Nylon pipe also called nylon tube, can be made by casting and extruding. This is mainly about the classification and processing of cast nylon pipe.

modified MC nylon pipecast nylon pipe

Cast Nylon Pipe Classification

  • MC Nylon (ivory - white): The properties of unmodified casting nylon 6 are very similar to those of nylon 66. Generally speaking, unmodified casting nylon 6’s total properties are excellent. What’s more, it has good machinability, high strength and strong rigidity and hardness, and it is resistant to wear and heat.
  • MC901 (blue): This modified nylon 6 has obvious blue color, higher toughness than ordinary cast nylon, high flexibility and strong fatigue resistance. It has been proved to be a ideal material for gear, rack and transmission gear.
  • PA6 + oil (green): This casting nylon 6 is truly self-lubricating nylon, and specially developed for the engineering parts which have heavy load, low running speed and cannot be lubricated. The casting nylon 6 greatly widens the application scope of nylon. The friction coefficient of the nylon is lower (50%) and the wear resistance is improved (up to 10 times).
  • PA6 + molybdenum disulfide (gray-and-black): This product contains MoS2 powder, which improves the bearing capacity and wear resistance without affecting the impact and fatigue resistance of unmodified MC nylon. It is widely used for manufacturing gears, bearings, sprocket wheel and the sleeve.
  • PA6 + solid lubricants (gray): This kind of nylon adopts the formula of panted casting nylon 6, which itself has solid lubricant. This product has self-lubrication and excellent friction, outstanding wear resistance and pressure velocity ability (5 times higher than that of ordinary cast nylon). It is very suitable for high speed moving parts that cannot be self lubricated.
  • The flame-retardant nylon: This kind of nylon adopts nitrogen flame retardant system, and its flame retardancy reaches UL94V-0, which meets GWIT750 ℃ and GWFI960 ℃. This nylon gas many advantages, such as: low flame retardant density, good electrical performance, smoke-free and non corrosive mould, etc. It is mainly used for switch, coil skeleton, hardware fittings, fasteners, connectors and so on.

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Processing Cast Nylon Pipe

  • Machining: When turning, the lathe speed should not be too fast, generally 200 revolutions / points. The amount of feed should not be too much, otherwise the product will be heated and expanded, and the processing is completely non compound.
  • The front angle of the lathe tool should be larger than the turning of the steel. The front angle of the lathe tool is larger than the rear angle. The front angle is 15-25 degrees and the rear angle is about 15 degrees. Oil knife is enough for this, and alloy cutter is not necessary.
  • When the planner is used for processing, sharp cutting tool should be used instead of hand knife, which could make nylon’s surface crack. And the back corner should be small.
  • When turning, oil should be used instead of water emulsion, as nylon absorbs water.
  • When drilling, the speed of lathe should be less than 200rpm. When we row the oil nest on the oil hole, we should firstly row the hole and then drill holes. If we drill the hole first, we will easily float work piece with the bit. Besides, it is easy to hurt the workers and produce waste product.

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