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Carbon Fiber Plate Application in UAV & Medical Radiation

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Carbon Fiber Sheet Application

The well-made carbon fiber sheet has clear lines, smooth surface, small thickness tolerance, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, small variation under large temperature difference and so on. Therefore, it can be widely used in a variety of high-strength structural parts that need weight loss, as shown below in a few more common cases.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Components

UAV component

The shell of UAV is the carrier of the whole flight system. The main components such as flight control GPS and so on need to be wrapped and protected by the fuselage shell. The shell is usually made of carbon fiber, which has high strength and light weight and improves the reliability and accuracy of UAV’s performance. The air frame made of carbon fiber has light weight, and its tensile strength can reach more than 10 times of ordinary steel. What’s more, it also has excellent creep resistance and seismic resistance, good durability and strong corrosion resistance, and also the corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment, which effectively prolongs the service life of UVA. Moreover, carbon fiber material has good flatness, high surface gloss, and good looking, etc, and it is preferred by many high-end UAV manufacturers.

unmanned aerial vehicle

Component of Medical Radiation Equipment

In addition to the excellent mechanical properties, plates made of carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of high X-ray transmittance and low loss. The X-ray transmittance of CFRP plate with 1mm thickness can reach 96%, and the scattering and absorption consumption is only 4%. Besides, its total loss is less than 20% of that of aluminum. And its density is very low (only 1.5g/cm³), therefore, it is widely used in CT bed, breast bracket and other medical devices. Here one thing needs to be pointed out, the indicators of the requirements of medical devices are very strict, therefore, the carbon fiber plate should have clear and neat lines without even slightest disorder. The thickness tolerance should be kept within ±0.05mm, and the plank flatness should meet relevant international standards. Therefore, to ensure quality of product, the carbon fiber sheet should be manufactured in a clean room and each working procedure should go through strict inspection. Each batch of self-inspection has high elimination rate, thus the later finished products can meet the requirements of high precision radiation.

carbon fiber plate in medical radiation

Mechanical Components

Because carbon fiber sheet has good machinability, it can be processed into various plane shapes according to the drawing, even with holes and grooves in order to combine with other parts easily. Carbon fiber material are used to replace metal materials as parts of high-precision machines. The mechanical parts made of carbon fiber sheet have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, strong wear resistance and so on. According to the need of machinery, special properties such as flame retardant, toughening and non-conductive can be selected by customization.

carbon fiber engineering parts

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