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How to Judge A Plastic Conveyor Roller Is Good or Bad?

  Time: 2018-07-03   Pageviews:25

Plastic conveyor roller is one of the most widely used rollers, mainly used to support the weight of conveyor belt and materials transported. Plastic conveyor roller must be very flexible and reliable in order to reduce the friction between conveyor belt and roller, which requires the design of plastic roller to be reasonable. Then how to judge whether the conveyor roller is good or not? Here are 3 main standards of judgement: conveyor roller radial runout, roller flexibility and axial channeling momentum.

structure of conveyor roller

The influence of conveyor roller radial runout on belt conveyor: Within the range of the runout specified by the state, the belt conveyor can operate smoothly, otherwise it will make the belt conveyor jump in resonance, materials spilled and environment polluted. The higher the band speed, the more the benefits of small radial runout.The national standard in our country is 0. 7 mm and the Japanese JIS is 0. 5 mm.

The influence of roller flexibility on belt conveyor: during the operation of belt conveyor, the flexibility of conveyor roller is very important. If the flexibility of conveyor roller is not good and the coefficient of the rotation resistance is high, the whole belt conveyor system will need more power and electricity, and sometimes the tape will tear and motor will burn. More worse, even fire can be possible. Therefore, choosing conveyor roller with low rotary resistance coefficient (better less than 0.02) is vital in the design and selection of belt conveyor.

The influence of axial channeling momentum on belt conveyor: Nowadays, the manufacturing technology of belt conveyor in our country is increasingly advanced. However, the axis movement is still an important research topic, because the current tape manufacturing technology and installation in our country still have a large gap with the advanced countries in the world. If the axial momentum of the conveyor roller is large, the roller will be damaged earlier. Generally speaking, it is better to control the axial channeling momentum in the range of 0.5mm-0. 7mm.

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